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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an entirely natural process where people can work on behavior change, insight, relaxation and self-discovery.

It helps people go into a deeply relaxed state where the "judgmental" part of the mind is bypassed, allowing us to communicate with the subconscious part of our minds--which does not judge--and is open to positive suggestions for change.

Even without addressing specific "issues", the deeply relaxed state is itself an invigorating, pleasant experience.

You are always in control in hypnosis--what you work on, what you say out loud, and when to come out of hypnosis are all things that individuals can always control.

While people have individually different experiences with hypnosis, anyone can be hypnotized who desires to explore the process to achieve their goals. My role as the hypnotherapist is to guide you by keeping the session focused and helping to bring you into a deeper hypnotic state for effective therapeutic work.

To read more about what to expect at your first session, go to  “What to Expect.”

Issues Successfully Addressed Include:

-Smoking Reduction or Cessation

-Pain Management

-Anxiety and Stress Reduction

-Study and Writing Success

-Performance or Social Anxiety

-Fear of Flying, Driving, Riding, etc.

-Fears and Phobias

-Grief and Loss

-Surgery Preparation and Accelerated Healing

-Allergy Relief

-Improving Sleep

-Exercise Motivation and Performance

-Weight Release and Body Change

-Confidence, Balance, Wellness

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